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    Welcome to the EnchantMC Store!
    After you have selected a category, you will be asked to enter the name of which you would like the package credited. Please note that nicknames are not accepted! You must enter the full in-game name of the receiver as registered on minecraft.net!


    Need any questions answered before checkout? Waited more than 20 minutes but your package still has not arrived? Ask the community/staff on Discord, or for payment support, submit a support ticket on our website. It takes a few moments before our system processes your payment. If after 15 minutes you still haven't received your purchase, please contact our support via discord at

    Refund & Chargeback Policy

    Please note that ALL purchases on the EnchantMC store are final and a strict no-refund policy applies. Any and all refund requests are denied. Such requests include account/IP bans, server downtime, or the loss of in-game items.
    If there is an issue, mistake or concern with your purchase or purchase history, please email us at billing@synx.games we will respond as soon as possible.
    Opening a chargeback will result in a permanent and automatic ban from the EnchantMC Server, the EnchantMC store and all other stores on the Tebex/Buycraft platform. All appeals are automatically declined.